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Application software is a specific task for a computer user, such as word processing, accounting, budgeting or payroll, fall under the category of application software. Word processors, spreadsheets, database management systems are all examples of general purpose application software.

Types of application softwares are:
  1. Word processing software
  2. Database software
  3. Spread sheet software
  4. Presentation software
  5. Multimedia software
  1. Word processing software:
    Word Processing software is used to create and print documents. A key advantage of word processing software is that users easily can make changes in documents.

    The main purpose of this software is to produce documents. MS-Word, Word Pad, Notepad and some other text editors are some of the examples of word processing software.

      Example of Word Processing softwares
    1. Microsoft word 2003
    2. Microsoft word 2007
    3. Microsoft word 2010
    4. Microsoft word 2013
    5. Microsoft word 2016

  2. Database software:
    Database is a collection of related data. The purpose of this software is to organize and manage data. The advantage of this software is that you can change the way data is stored and displayed. MS access, dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, and Oracle are some of the examples of database software.

    Database software allows the user to enter, retrieve, and update data in an organized and efficient manner, with flexible inquiry and reporting capabilities.
      Examples of Database Software
    1. Microsoft access 2003
    2. Microsoft access 2007
    3. Microsoft access 2010
    4. Microsoft access 2013
    5. Microsoft access 2016

  3. Spread sheet software:
    Electronic spreadsheet software allows the user to add, subtract, and perform user-defined calculations on rows and columns of numbers. These numbers can be changed and the spreadsheet quickly recalculates the new results.

    Spread sheet software is used to maintain budget, financial statements, grade sheets, and sales records. The purpose of this software is organizing numbers. It also allows the users to perform simple or complex calculations on the numbers entered in rows and columns. MS-Excel is one of the example of spreadsheet software.
      Examples of Electronic spreadsheet software
    1. Microsoft exel 2003
    2. Microsoft exel 2007
    3. Microsoft exel 2010
    4. Microsoft exel 2013
    5. Microsoft exel 2016

  4. Presentation software:
    This software is used to display the information in the form of slide show. The three main functions of presentation software is editing that allows insertion and formatting of text, including graphics in the text and executing the slide shows. The best example for this type of application software is Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Presentation graphic software allows the user to create documents called slides to be used in making the presentations. Using special projection devices, the slides display as they appear on the computer screen.
      Examples of Presentation graphic software
    1. Microsoft powerpoint 2003
    2. Microsoft powerpoint 2007
    3. Microsoft powerpoint 2010
    4. Microsoft powerpoint 2013
    5. Microsoft powerpoint 2016

  5. Multimedia software:
    Media players and real players are the examples of multimedia software. This software will allow the user to create audio and videos. The different forms of multimedia software are audio converters, players, burners, video encoders and decoders.