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Common keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut Action
CTRL + A Select text
CTRL + B Bold text
CTRL + C Copy text
CTRL + D Open font formatting window
CTRL + E Center text
CTRL + F Find a phrase
CTRL + G Go To a specific page or bookmark
CTRL + H Replace text with another text or replace text with different formatting
CTRL + I Italicize text
CTRL + J Justify text
CTRL + K Open Insert Hyperlink window
CTRL + L Left align text
CTRL + M Indent a paragraph from the left
CTRL + N Open new Word document
CTRL + O Open an existing Word document
CTRL + P Print Word document
CTRL + Q Remove paragraph formatting
CTRL + R Right align text
CTRL + S Save Word document
CTRL + T Create a hanging indent
CTRL + U Underline text
CTRL + V Paste text
CTRL + W Close Word document
CTRL + X Cut text
CTRL + Y Redo an action previously undone OR repeat an action
CTRL + Z Undo a previous action
CTRL + SHIFT + C Copy Formats
CTRL + SHIFT + D Double Underline text
CTRL + SHIFT + E Track changes
CTRL + SHIFT + F Change the font
CTRL + SHIFT + H Apply hidden text formatting
CTRL + SHIFT + K Format letters as small capitals
CTRL + SHIFT + L Apply the List style
CTRL + SHIFT + M Remove a paragraph indent from the left
CTRL + SHIFT + N Apply the Normal Style
CTRL + SHIFT + P Change the font size
CTRL + SHIFT + Q Change the selection to the Symbol font
CTRL + SHIFT + S Apply a style
CTRL + SHIFT + T Reduce a hanging indent
CTRL + SHIFT + V Paste Formats
CTRL + SHIFT + W Underline words but not spaces
CTRL + ] Increase size of selected text by one point
CTRL + [ Decrease size of selected text by one point
CTRL + SHIFT+ > Increase font size
CTRL + SHIFT + < Decrease font size
CTRL + 1 Single-space lines
CTRL + 2 Double-space lines
CTRL + 5 1.5 space lines
CTRL + 0 Add/remove one line space preceding a paragraph
CTRL + Left Arrow Move one word to the left
CTRL + Right Arrow Move one word to the right
CTRL + Up Arrow Move one paragraph up
CTRL + Down Arrow Move one paragraph down
CTRL + Page Up Go to the top of previous page
CTRL + Page Down Go to the top of next page
CTRL + END Go to the end of document
CTRL + HOME Go to the beginning of document
CTRL + ENTER Page break
CTRL + DELETE Delete one word to the right
CTRL + BACKSPACE Delete one word to the left
CTRL + TAB Insert a Tab character
CTRL + ALT + C Copyright symbol
CTRL + ALT + R Registered trademark symbol
CTRL + ALT + T Trademark symbol
CTRL + ALT + M Insert a comment
CTRL + ALT + I Switch in or out of print preview