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General keyboard shortcuts in WordPad.
Keyboard shortcut Action
Alt + F4 Close WordPad
Ctrl + = Make selected text subscript
Ctrl + 1 Set single line spacing
Ctrl + 2 Set double line spacing
Ctrl + 5 Set line spacing to 1.5
Ctrl + A Select the entire document
Ctrl + B Make selected text bold
Ctrl + C Copy a selection to the Clipboard
Ctrl + D Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing
Ctrl + Delete Delete the next word
Ctrl + Down Arrow Move the cursor to the line below
Ctrl + E Align text center
Ctrl + End Move to the end of the document
Ctrl + F Find text in a document
Ctrl + H Replace text in a document
Ctrl + Home Move to the beginning of the document
Ctrl + I Italicize selected text
Ctrl + J Justify text
Ctrl + L Align text left
Ctrl + Left Arrow Move the cursor one word to the left
Ctrl + N Create a new document
Ctrl + O Open an existing document
Ctrl + P Print a document
Ctrl + Page Down Move down one page
Ctrl + Page Up Move up one page
Ctrl + R Align text right
Ctrl + Right Arrow Move the cursor one word to the right
Ctrl + S Save changes to a document
Ctrl + Shift+< Decrease the font size
Ctrl + Shift+= Make selected text superscript
Ctrl + Shift + > Increase the font size
Ctrl + Shift + A Change characters to all capitals
Ctrl + Shift + L Change the bullet style
Ctrl + U Underline selected text
Ctrl + Up Arrow Move the cursor to the line above
Ctrl + V Paste a selection from the Clipboard
Ctrl + X Cut a selection
Ctrl + Y Redo a change
Ctrl + Z Undo a change
F1 Open WordPad Help
F10 Display keytips
F12 Save the document as a new file
F3 Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box
Shift + F10 Show the current shortcut menu